I’ve been supporting women to blossom into their full potential for most of my life. As a Certified Integral Coach, I design a uniquely customized program to help you achieve your desired outcomes. I am passionate about creating lasting solutions so you don’t have to face the same issue twice. Critical life events that can be successfully navigated through coaching include:

  • Transitioning into a more suitable career
  • Overcoming confidence/Self-Esteem challenges
  • Learning effective parenting skills
  • Starting over after the loss of a relationship – brake-ups/separation/divorce
  • Finding purpose after you’re left with an “empty nest”
  • Surviving the death of a spouse or significant other

I am at my best when I can support a client through difficult circumstances, partnering to explore what’s at the root of the challenge, what comes up in response to it, and facing it with compassionate understanding. The results are that you walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and a more powerful capacity for resilience. From this place, the path to your future will be revealed.

Are you with me? Contact me to schedule a discovery session and see if we’re a good fit.