I help women take a journey beyond anything they imagined they were capable of.

My Approach to Coaching is Designed to Uncover Three Things:

Your Voice. Your Plan. Your Future.

Your Voice

If you’re like most women, your voice has been lost for a long time.  It’s been stretched thin between pleasing your boss, supporting your husband, in addition to taking care of everyone…

As your coach, I am committed to making sure your voice gets heard and understood. You will be listened to. Finally. I’ll guide you in finding your true voice even when it tries to hide behind shame, fear, and blame. I’ll teach you to become its ally.

Your Plan

What is transition? Up until a few years ago, I never used that word. Seems like such a big word with so many meanings…almost scary. Transitions can be hard and can also be wonderful at the same time. I have learned that transition can also mean “newness” as in new ideas, new challenges, and possibilities.

I first became acquainted with the concept of “transition” when my younger daughter started her college search. I began preparing myself for what I thought was ahead of me. Quiet house, doorbell not ringing a lot, and no giggles from her friends, I remember the emptiness hitting me the most when I went to the market and our favorite cream cheese did not come in a small size. That was when I broke down crying. It hit me. It was then that I began writing down all of my feelings and allowed myself to get in touch with my sadness. Using my words and expressing myself on paper was my new best friend. Instead of over thinking, I put everything on paper. I started speaking to others about my feelings and learned that I was not alone. I began connecting to women that were going through different kinds of transitions. My writing and expressing myself gave me clarity and healing.

Transition takes on an entire new meaning to me now…It is exciting and challenging. Transitions for me are my times I experience personal and professional growth.

Now I have to transition when my daughter comes home…I have to get used to the mess and noise again.

Crisis can lead to opportunity. As research now shows, traumatic events can yield the fruits of “post-traumatic growth,” if handled effectively. When we begin a coaching engagement, I first help you to tackle your most pressing issue such as:

  • Feelings of loss and uncertainty
  • Anxiety, anger, and negative self-talk
  • Shame, lowered self-esteem, and fear
  • Assessing priorities and making decisions
  • Dealing with the reactions of your friends
  • Protecting your children’s well-being

As we work together, we will attend to the pain of losing your previous identity as a wife and the foundation you had in place. I will design a customized coaching program for you with proven action tools to help you move forward and create lasting change.

Your Future

With the tools and self-understanding you gain through my customized coaching program, you’ll uncover needs and desires you may not have known you had. You’ll have new goals, new dreams, and see new possibilities. You won’t want to go back to the person you were before.

If we don’t take an honest look at the circumstances that lead up to a difficult event, and the role we played in it, we run the risk of getting caught in the same cycle over and over again.

I work with clients that are interested in leading a more fulfilling life, they want to  break through barriers and/or move past obstacles…(like the gap that Bill Barren speaks of) in a career situation, relationship clients that want to find their own voice in the world, clients wanting to achieve an authentic way of living they are looking for ways to manage stress….live a more balanced life….build trust… being able to make significant decisions…. manage and focus on life transitions such as marriage, being a parent, empty nest, divorce, separation.